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National Philanthropy Day

November 2018

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The 32nd Annual National Philanthropy Day ® (NPD) Awards Luncheon will be held in November, hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter (AFP/GSFVC) and presented by Valley Presbyterian Hospital.   National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) is the day we recognize and pay tribute to the contributions that philanthropy -- and philanthropists -- have made to the region and our nation. It is an opportunity to recognize donors, volunteer, companies, foundations and professionals who support your agency and keep the spirit of civic betterment alive and strong.

You are invited to be involved in NPD this year! 

•  Nominate someone who makes your agency better through their volunteer efforts, donations or work.  Categories include: Philanthropist; Volunteer; Youth Volunteer; Volunteer Group or Association; Professional; Corporation and Foundation.
• Join the Chapter’s NPD Committee to help plan and organize the event. 
• Become a sponsor of NPD…or take out a signature line ad. (Funds sponsor scholarships for AFP memberships and educational programs).
• Bring a table of guests to the event to celebrate NPD, and the good work being done in our community.

Final details on the November date of NPD are being confirmed this month.  Nominations forms will be available on our website by February 15.  The Committee is starting to meet to put event details together and get sponsors confirmed.  For more info on NPD and how you can be part of the fun, please contact Adam Pilder at or Holly Rasey at